Raised at Mex City,

Stay healthy and inspired!

Moved by the meaning of life and motivated by the sense of existence.

Committed with the importance of the artistic sense in cultural life, convincen in its revolutionary and determining power for the building of a fair common good.

Some Exhibitions

Online Exhibition: Mirror, Mirror, Self Portraiture, Blue Door Art Center, NY 2022

Sin título, LyArt Gallery, Cd Mex 2017

Inhabitant’s definition. Mis/interpretations of a territory, Icon of Freedom in London 2015

Ministerios de Amor, together with ICC, Restaurante Carlotta, Cd Mex 2015

Bazar Regina por Claudina Thévenet, together with ICC, Salón Casino del Bosque Mayita, Cd Mex 2014

Imágenes con Causa Vol 2, Seminario de Cultura Mexicana, Cd Mex 2013

Imágenes con Causa, Galería Ethra, Cd Mex 2013

Expo de Foto, together with Javier Soltero, Café Café, Edo Mex 2010

Dos Lentes, Together with Rodrigo Jardón, Gallery Red Mask, Cd Mex 2007

Morita Fest, Centro Cultural Col Roma, Cd Mex 2006

Sensaciones, Sala José Luis Cuevas UNITEC, Edo Mex 2005


Analog Photography with Roberto Navarro from Rombo Negro Cultural Centre

Narrative Photography with Luis Sandoval at Nikon School

Photography with Pablo López Luz at Palacio de Bellas Artes of INBAL

Film Writing with Guillermo Arriaga at Westhill University

Literary Creation with Roberto Velasco at the Macondo Cultural Group

Script Analysis with Mónica S. Enríquez from Animal de Luz Films

Creative Potential with L. Mandoki at Mexican Society of Directors of Audiovisual Works

Screenwriting with Karen E. Villalpando from Epluse Films

Stop-Motion Animation at Westbridge University

Time a go

With rewarding of carried out of formal Public Studies of the exhibitions of David LaChapelle and the sculpture Antony Gormley while ago

Once shook hands with #PhilipGlass while ignoring the presence of a #Stradivarius